Travel Tips



Still Cameras, Home Video Cameras are allowed in Himalayas but only inside the Temple not allowed.


All the Places to make any S.T.D/I.S.D calls and please carry if you have any bsnl mob. Number, it works whole trip, kedarnath & badrinath very good connectivity reliance mobile numbers. Some times, please be informed that it may be difficult at times to get the connection. If any urgent messages have to be sent to any of the participants, then please contact us at haridwar numbers.


All Arrangements within Chardham yatra, reserves the right to change itineraries without prior notice, depending on the weather and road condition.


Please start to get in shape now!!! A good 15 minutes walk, jogging daily, stretching and regular exercise should put you in the right shape (concentrate on your heart & legs - aerobics). Porters will be carrying the bulk of your equipment, but it is recommended that you bring a good day pack and are fit enough to carry snacks, filled water bottle/small scissors and knife, waterproof matches, safety pins, thermometer, lighter, dehydration salt (electoral) packets, neoprene powder and cream. Heat balm for muscles/joints, vicksinhaler/vapourub, chopsticks. Dry fruits/snacks, camera, film, map, jumper, sun hat, first aid kit, light weight rain gear, extra cloth etc.


This is an environment related condition that can effect anyone who ascends too rapidly to high elevations without acclimatizing properly. Suggested to read any book on trekking, which has a chapter on this, and also consult your doctor


All tourists we do ask you to bring along your own small first aid kit (available at pharmacies). Some of the items we ask you to bring in the kit are: antiseptic cream or wound disinfectant: iodine and tube-squeeze cream. Foot care and blister treatment, band-aids, adhesive roll & strips, gauze pads, moleskin. (please bring ankle high boots to avoid muscle sprain.)


Triethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole - Bacterium Ds Or Septran Ds


Avil, brufen or mortin, aspirin / tylenol or general painkillers, strong sunscreen oil, skin antibiotic cream.


We recommend that you insure yourself against sickness, emergency rescue, accident hospitalization, etc.. We are not liable and responsible for any damages or extra expenses that may arise from mishaps and the loss of their belongings during the pilgrimage.


Clothing’s for both extremes of climate and temperature. While driving to chardham yatra, it will be warm inside the vehicle and light clothing will be required, but as soon as you step out of the vehicle, warm clothing will be required to keep off the cold winds of the himalayas. Evening will be generally cold and warm clothing will be required we recommend that you bring along the following clothing’s and accessories with you:
  • Down jacket - one
  • Warm thick pullover – one
  • Warm thin pullover – one
  • Warm pants – two
  • Light loose cotton pants – two
  • Warm windproof jacket – one
  • Cotton full sleeve t-shirts – four
  • Thermal under pants/long – two
  • Thermal vest / warm full t-shirts – two
  • Rain coat with hood/ poncho (should be roomy) – one
  • "broken - in" pair of ankle high walking boots & one extra shoe laces.light tennis shoes & light rubber sandal.
  • Warm woolen socks-4
  • Large cotton or silk scarf-one
  • Warm gloves.


  • Personal first aid kit
  • Toilet kit, nail clipper, scissors
  • Flash light with extra batteries (3 set)
  • Sun glasses, sun hat, monkey cap, woolen gloves
  • Water bottles- unbreakable (min 1 liters capacity) can be purchased in haridwar
  • Note book, pen, pencils
  • Camera and film and extra batteries for electronic camera
  • Binoculars recommended
  • Rain gear-your raincoat should be roomy and have a water proof hood.
  • Pocket knife , sewing kit, buttons, cigarette lighter, towel, bags( a few of each size strong) dust masks, strong sun
  • Cream and chopstick, moisturizers, money pouch/belts etc.
  • Water purification tablets
  • Walking stick- can be purchased in gourikund/hanumanchatti
  • Washing kit
One oxygen cylinder on rental (50 rs.) Per day with mask will be provide you if required. Please note that oxygen is to be used only in case of emergency.

Briefing and orientation:-there will be a briefing of the programme on the day of your arrival in haridwar. It is very important that all participants attend this briefing. (group departures)